100 Days of Mosaics – Day 9 – Catch ‘Em All

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The touching story of a young boy learning to use his smartphone. 20"x25" request - there's something like 16 colours in this one, so it was a different challenge from previous mosaics. I also did a little work at a time on this over the past few days, which meant that I kept retracing my work and/or trying to remember what I did before. That's something I have to address for larger projects.

100 Days of Mosaics – Day 6 – Say It Right

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I've been trying to mimic existing, hopefully available colours with these mosaics, and that means that some skin tones are easier to get than others. There's obvious sectors of colour here, and maybe I'll revisit this with a...dithering (Did I say it right?) effect to see what that looks like. 35"x20" concept.

100 Days of Mosaics – Days 1 to 3

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I've been making mosaics on and off for the past few years, but never really focused on it for any length of time. So, for 100 days I'll be trying my hand at all sorts of mosaic concepts - things that could be built with plastic bricks, but that I just haven't physically done. The plan is to develop my idea muscle, my eye for artsy things, as well as my technical skills, so we'll see how that goes. This is actually Day 3, but there's more than one concept for each day, so enjoy, and I hope you'll follow along to see how these mosaics turn out!
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