100 Days of Mosaics – Day 14 – Fur Coat

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So the other day, I was working on a lion mosaic, and the mane made me think of the fur hood on winter coats. After I posted that one, I tried to adjust its colours and convert the mane into a hood and face freehand. That did not go well, so I did this one! And I'll take another run at the lion-into-fur-coat conversion some day. 30"x40"

100 Days of Mosaics – Day 9 – Catch ‘Em All

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The touching story of a young boy learning to use his smartphone. 20"x25" request - there's something like 16 colours in this one, so it was a different challenge from previous mosaics. I also did a little work at a time on this over the past few days, which meant that I kept retracing my work and/or trying to remember what I did before. That's something I have to address for larger projects.
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